Request types


  1. Requests


By default the request parameters, such as those from a form POST, will be automatically parsed and set as a :params key on the request.

However, if you're passing in parameters as a request body then you will need to enable the appropriate middleware to handle them. Luminus uses ring-middleware-format for encoding and decoding the body parameters.

The request parameters will be available under the :params key of the request. Note that the middleware will also handle encoding the response bodies when you set the appropriate MIME type on the response. Please see the response types section for more information on generating responses.

Below is a list of valid formats:

  • :json - JSON with string keys in :params and :body-params
  • :json-kw - JSON with keywordized keys in :params and :body-params
  • :edn - native Clojure format.
  • :yaml - YAML format
  • :yaml-kw - YAML format with keywordized keys in :params and :body-params
  • :yaml-in-html - yaml in a html page
  • :transit-json Transit over JSON format
  • :transit-msgpack Transit over Msgpack format